Yoga progressiv : 100 Asanas für Anspruchsvolle als sicherer by Dhirendra Brahmachari

By Dhirendra Brahmachari

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The soul, too, can shrink into a confined space prescribed by the ego and its litnited vision; like a genie trapped in a bottle, it becomes impotent until it is released from its confinement. The Yoga of Sound, through the use of mantras, helps release the soul from the spell that binds it to a hardened ego. In the end it offers tnoksha - liberation from self-induced suffering - which then opens the door to samadhi. Suffering, in the Hindu tradition, is the result of ignorance, and yoga is a way out of this ignorance.

The power of a two-year-old to overtake our mental pre­ occupations with a single scream, the turmoil we experience in listening to the anguished groans of someone in pain, or the way the delightful gurgling of a newborn infant causes our heart to overflow with love are just a few examples that illustrate the point that sound is 13 BALAN C I N G V I S I O N A N D S O U N D energy. It is this principle that guides the sound yogi to manipulate and use sound for higher spiritual purposes. Of course, as I mentioned in the introduction, sound's power can also be destructive.

Grammar and phonetics played an important role in the awakening of this intuition, as the process came to rely on the structure of the sentence. Proper syntax, poetic nuance, and the spiritual power of individual words were combined into the use of language as the means toward yogic union and enlightenment. The entire sentence and the flo\v of sentences, one into another, were a type of vinyasa. Vinyasa, for Hatha yoga practitioners, is an arrangement of postures that flow into one another to offer a complete yoga workout of all the parts and muscles of the body.

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