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The model is comprehensive and applicable to both primary and secondary schools. As shown, personal and professional development are directly related to school development. Too much emphasis on meeting school needs may deskill and demotivate teachers and support staff, and lead to staff wastage. Specifically, leaders and managers should reflect on what choices are available within the context of professional development, identifying: ● what is required to improve performance ● how this will be done ● when this will be done.

What is a professional development policy? ● How should school development and staff development be linked? ● The role of managers and leaders. ● What is good practice? Performance management is defined and explained in the next section. 1 PREPARING A SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT PLAN This exercise focuses on a whole-school approach to school development planning. It would take place during an INSET day and should be facilitated by an external consultant (LEA/HEI) with expertise in planning. The outcome should be shared aims leading to common practices.

Taylor’s words are as applicable today as they were twenty years ago. They are a challenge to managers, team leaders and practitioners to engage in performance management in a professional and meaningful way. A more recent interpretation by the Hay Group (2000) states: The models, however, are not ‘one size fits all’… Teachers achieve results in a variety of ways. This means that in any one group or cluster of characteristics described in the models, to be effective a teacher may need to demonstrate only some of the characteristics.

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