Lippincott's Review for NCLEX-PN, 9th Edition by Barbara Kuhn Timby BSN MA RNC, Ann Carmack RN MSN, Diana

By Barbara Kuhn Timby BSN MA RNC, Ann Carmack RN MSN, Diana L. Rupert RN MSN PhD

The most well-liked Q&A evaluate for the NCLEX-PN is now totally revised and up to date to the NCLEX-PN 2011 try out plan. as well as including the recent picture choice questions and Audio Questions, the ninth variation additionally encompasses a "Test-Taking procedure" for every query to aid scholars holiday down the query to its middle parts with a purpose to determine the right kind resolution. This worthy research advisor provides over 2,200 questions via subject-oriented assessment assessments and accomplished examinations. Questions and rationales were revised and coded, and the examination creation has been up-to-date in accordance the most recent NCLEX-PN attempt plan. A CD incorporated with the textual content comprises all of the book's questions in an interactive structure, with gains for either test-taking mode and assessment mode.

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The client is experiencing a slight case of arthritis. [ ] 4. The client is being distracted from the pain. 68. Which finger joints would the nurse expect to be most affected by the client’s rheumatoid arthritis? [ ] 1. Proximal finger joints [ ] 2. Medial finger joints [ ] 3. Distal finger joints [ ] 4. Lateral finger joints The physician recommends applying heat to the client’s hands to relieve discomfort. 69. Which heat application method is best for the nurse to use with this client? [ ] 1.

Test Taking Strategy—Analyze to determine what information the question asks for, which is how to immobilize a lower extremity using a splint. Recall that a fracture causes instability in a bone that ordinarily is continuous between its proximal and distal attachments. To limit further injury and reduce the discomfort associated with the injury, joints above and below the injured bone (option 4) must be stabilized. Review the principles involved in applying an immobilizing splint if you had difficulty answering this question.

An impacted fracture is one in which the bone ends are driven together. A simple or closed fracture is one in which there is no break in the skin. A greenstick fracture involves a longitudinal split that extends partially through one side of the bone. Test Taking Strategy—Analyze to determine what information the question asks for, which is a description of a comminuted fracture. Recall that when a bone is broken into more than two pieces (option 2), the term comminuted is used to describe it. Review the words used to describe various types of fractures, with a focus on the description of a comminuted fracture, if you had difficulty answering this question.

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