Encyclopaedia of Sacred Sexuality: From Aphrodisiacs and by Rufus C. Camphausen

By Rufus C. Camphausen

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Considering that human sacrifice is an ancient practice connected to the • early fertility cults and that the temples mentioned above are associated with Tantric yogis, * Kapalikas , and followers of * Aghora Eliade's theory, in which he states that * Shakta and *Tantra are largely a revival of the ancient tradition of fecundity (in which sexualtiy and death are closely con­ nected), becomes plaUSible. , "SENSUALITY") The Tantric concept of the type of sensuality that can lead • • • to liberation and salvation.

3 . A sound syllable ness, and poisonous insects often lead to accidents. Nests of used in meditation and *mantra repetition, for example, the first quality are of a light color, have not been used for hrim or hum. raising young birds, and consist of nothing but the unique • spittle that is secreted for this purpose by the swallows. , "PARTICLE, SPOT, DOT") a darker color. A difficult concept to translate into contemporary Western The collectors "harvest" the nests four or five times per languages, the term bindu indicates a "seed," "source," year by climbing on bamboo poles to the cave's ceiling, and/or "point" very much in the sense of the Occidental often 40 to 50 meters high, where they steal the nests and monad.

Was used by European alchemists to denote the metaphysi­ Astarte is a true western Semitic eqUivalent to the cal, subtle dimension of male *semen. Together with the Mesopotamian * Ishtar, and if the two deities are not actually * liquor vitae, its physical counterpart, the aura seminalis is, one and the same, they are at least two very similar expres­ according to esoteric theory, one of the two major con­ sions of one goddess-oriented religion that prevailed for stituents of semen. several millennia in western Asia.

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