Seventeen unique tales concerning the "city of cats"Set in a global that exists at the similar aircraft as people, but is hidden from us, Catopolis introduces readers to an collection of cats, starting from a pussycat Seer who needs to take future into her personal paws to defeat a dictatorial tomcat a black cat who can name upon the powers of the "big cats" to salary a conflict opposed to a cat who will be the bits and bobs of cat politics and the perils of utilizing mice as a cat burglar searching for a musical treasure for his "boss."

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Daddy! Y’oughta see the—” Steffy saw the live wires and screamed for him to watch out. Billy, who was a good distance away from them, pulled up short and stared at his mother as if she had gone mad. “I’m okay, Mom,” he said in the careful tone of voice you use to placate the very old and senile. He walked toward us, showing us how all right he was, and Steff began to tremble in my arms. “It’s all right,” I said in her ear. ” “Yes, but people get killed,” she said. ” “Aw, come on, Mom! ” He was almost bug-eyed with excitement and disappointment.

Also ... ” Give a woman a disaster and she turns squirrel. I gave her a hug and nodded. We went on around the house. It didn’t take more than a glance to understand why Billy had been a little overwhelmed. “Lordy,” Steff said in a faint voice. From where we stood we had enough elevation to be able to see almost a quarter of a mile of shoreline——the Bibber property to our left, our own, and Brent Norton’s to our right. The huge old pine that had guarded our boat cove had been sheared off halfway up.

The time to do them has shrunk, for one thing. They keep wanting to bloat, for another (I have a real problem with bloat—I write like fat ladies diet). And it seems harder to find the voice for these tales—all too often the I-Guy just floats away. The thing to do is to keep trying, I think. It’s better to keep kissing and get your face slapped a few times than it is to give up altogether. 4 All right; that’s just about it from this end. Can I thank a few people (you can skip this part if you want to)?

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