Art of War (University of Oregon) by Sun Tzu (Lionel Giles)

By Sun Tzu (Lionel Giles)

I <3 U Dian Sastro :) A scanned PDF of the main well-known army handbook within the world! The person who renowned on the net, basically retyped version from Gutenberg. In right here, you will discover the unique booklet. in addition to the Hanzi (Chinese Character).

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FjJ ,% & Ssii-ma Fa, in I chiian or 5 chapters. C. Its date, however, must be early, as the customs of the three ancient dynasties are constantly to be met with in its pages. ' See Shih Chi, ch. 64. The Ssu" K'zl Ch'iian Shu (ch. 99. f. I ) remarks that the oldest three treatises on war, Sun Tzii, Wu TZGand the SsZ--ma Fa, are, generally speaking, only concerned with things strictly military - the art of producing, collecting, training and drilling troops, and the correct theory with regard to measures of expediency, laying plans, transport of goods and the handling of soldiers" in strong contrast to later works, in which the science of war is usually blended with metaphysics, divination and magical arts in general.

Il:%%3%%*%Bz @A&. 3 A notable person In h ~ day. s HISbiography is given in the San Kuo Chih, ch. lo. XLII IWTRODUCTIGN Shu and no doubt extremely rare, which I should much @ , in 5 chiian. like to have seen. One is entitled iFfi It gives selections from four new commentators, probably of the Ming dynasty, as well as from the eleven known to us. $5$$ Li Ts'ai; and 1% Huang ChihchCng. The other work is 7 1% in 4 chiian, compiled #j$ ChCng Tuan of the present dynasty. It is a comby pendium of information on ancient warfare, with special reference to Sun Tzti's I 3 chapters.

22,as the jg $f pj & * *&a:fi It is mentioned in the p , jf# @@ @ usituated five east of the district city of I-Iua- in. " 4sF&I*sSl%atW%aL%@ 6 Cf. %&gq%. INTRODUCTION XXXIII with the earliest editions then available. Fortunately, two versions of Sun Tzil, even older than the newly discovered work, were still extant, one buried in the T'ung Tien, Tu Yu's great treatise on the Constitution, the other sirnilarly enshrined in the T'ai P'ing Yii Lan encyclopaedia. sections. Considering that the Yii Lan takes us back to the year 983, and the T'ung Tien about 200 years further still, to the middle of the T'ang dynasty, the value of these early transcripts of Sun Tzii can hardly be overestimated.

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