Arabs of Central Iraq: Their History, Ethnology, and by Henry FIELD

By Henry FIELD

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Twenty-eight men have an upper face length of 76 or more, and yet of the fifty only six have a long total face, 130 or more. I have charted a third group of Kish Arabs to ascertain the degree of variation of type of face from group to group. The result, as regards this third group, is shown in Chart XXV, and in the following table: (less mm mm KISH ARABS (Nos. 200-251) Upper Face Length Total face length 110 64 -/ 70 2 13 11 6 9 -/HO /110-/120 /120-/130 70 " /76 " 64 ' /130+ Totals 2 20 21 76 + Totals 2 2 26 20 2 7 50 5 In this third group we obtain a dispersion in the Chart (XXV) very similar to that of the first group (Chart XXIII).

Most fall above the 70-line and below the 80-diagonal; 166 (83 per cent) fall within these limits; twenty (10 per cent) fall on or above the 80-line and below the 85-line and are brachy cephalic. Thus the Arabs are predominantly dolichocephalic, but the tendency toward brachycephaly is not negligible, there being twenty-two men (11 per cent) of the two hundred men who fall into the brachy cephalic classes. per cent). Before passing on to consider measurements other than those relative to the chief dimensions of the head, it will be well to note again the averages and distributional curves which have been worked out from Mr.

As regards upper face (— /64) moderately short, length I use four groups: short, less than 64 64 and more but less than 70 (/64-/70); moderately long (/70-/76); and long (/76+). As regards total length of face I also use four divisions: short mm than 110 mm (-/110) faces moderately short, 110 mm and more but less mm (/110-/120) moderately long faces (/120-/130) long faces (/130+). e. tend toward the "ram" type of visage. Or we may state the matter in another way; fourteen of the thirty-eight have upper faces which are 60 per cent or less of the total face length, while four have faces in which the index is 70 or more.

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