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The pit is well below pool level, so overflow water moves to the filter by gravity. It serves as a surge pit as well as a filter, and this filter doesn’t require a strainer basket. When this filter is backwashed, it can be cleaned at a much lower flow than is required of a pressure filter. A vacuum sand filter is often installed in locations where there are restrictions on the backwash rate that can be sent to the sewer system. 3 How Filtration Systems Work Best Practices: Solving Sand Filter Problems Problem Possible causes Water flow is too slow.

These are mounted after the pump and use the pump pressure to move the water. These feeders remain under pressure during operation, so they are fitted with a bleed valve. (Don’t open a pressure erosion feeder until you’ve turned the pump off and you know there’s no pressure remaining. ) These devices are used primarily for slow-dissolving trichlor tablets and are not generally recommended for public pools. Ñ Pressure differential erosion feeders. These bring the water in on the pressure side of the pump, then let the water out much farther down the line where the pressure is lower.

When this happens, you know it’s time to backwash the filters. Does your pool have vacuum filters or pressure filters? If you have pressure filters, check the gauges! When the pressure at the effluent gauge is lower than the pressure at the influent gauge by 10 psi or more, it is time to clean the filter. This differential limit is set by the filter manufacturer and is sometimes as much as 15 psi. Maintenance: If the needles on the pressure gauges vibrate, rather than staying steady, you may have air trapped in the filter or not enough water circulating.

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