Annual reports on fermentation processes. Vol.4 by George T Tsao; Michael C Flickinger; Robert K Finn

By George T Tsao; Michael C Flickinger; Robert K Finn

E-book by means of George T. Tsao

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However, during the midseason of corn processing Geotricnum accounted for 70% of the fungi present, but the pea waste was contaminated with Fusarium. Since some Fusarium spp. produce mycotoxins, this process would result in an unacceptable protein supplement for animal feed. Since the BOD reductions for treating corn and pea wastes were 96 and 95%, respectively, this method could be used to treat vegetable wastes if the system was not contaminated by fungi that produce mycotoxins. An additional bonus of recovering mycelial protein is that it could be sold to offset the waste-treatment costs.

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