An Outline of the Recent History of Indonesian Criminal Law by Han Bing Siong

By Han Bing Siong

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240-241. so Peraturan Pemerintah 1948 No. 8, in force as from May 5, 1948. Koesnodiprodjo, op. cit. 1948 new ed. p. 200 ff. 8 1 Gestichtenreglement, S. 1917 No. 708. 82 From these differences it is evident that the convicts meant by Act No. 20 1946 must be given a special treatment, different from that for common criminals. As has been pointed out by Van der Meulen, 83 the penalty of confinement is of German origin. But in Germany itself the bill for the introduction of the "Einschlieszung" never became a law.

And according to art. 15 : "No transgression or crime shall be made punishable by total forfeiture of the property of the offender". "No penalty may cause the civic death or the loss of all civic rights". 147 148 But the rule of art. 14 ( 2) of the Constitution is not identical with the stipulation incorporated in art. P. , because the first is exclusively a rule of non-retroactivity of the criminal law, whereas by the latter it is also prescribed that the criminal law must be statute law. Therefore, it is not correct to state that the rule nullum delictum nulla poena sine praevia lege poenali was incorporated in the Constitution, see Utrecht, Pengantar, p.

In June 1941 he was succeeded by W. F. C. van Hattum, who after the transfer of sovereignty was in turn succeeded by R. Satochid Kartanegara, Vice Chief Justice of Indonesia. J. M. J. -zaak, 1931 p. 22-23. See Landraad Bandoeng, December 22, 1930 T. Vol. 133 p. 608 ff. Raad van Justitie Batavia, April 17, 1931 T. Vol. 133 p. 670 ff. Undang-undang No. 23 1947 tentang penghapusan pengadilan-radja (zelfbestuursrechtspraak) di Djawa dan Sumatra, Koesnodiprodjo, op. cit. 1947 new ed. p. 88 ff. Cf. Supomo, Sistim Hukum di Indonesia, p.

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