An Historical Guide To Subcarpathian Rus by Magocsi

By Magocsi

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Most of the articles were published in the journal of the Committee, the “National Language Tendaily” (Guoyu Xunkan ⚳婆㖔↲). In 1935 the Preparatory Committee was renamed “Committee for the Promotion of the National Language” (Guoyu Tuixing Weiyuanhui ⚳婆㍐埴⥼⒉㚫), continuing the abovementioned activities. One of its major publications was the “National Language Dictionary” (Guoyu Cidian ⚳婆娆℠) in 1936, a dictionary of Modern Chinese, smaller in scope than the Zhongguo Dacidian had been planned, but which has been the most authoritative dictionary for a long time.

For example: gang ∃ = gu ⎌ + lang 恶 In addition to initial consonant and rhyme, every character was placed under one of four tones (sheng 倚). 42 As lexicology and phonology were reasonably developed in China, the question has to be answered why grammar was almost completely ignored. A very important reason for this is the lack of morphology in Chinese, while it was morphology which stimulated grammar studies in ancient Europe. , when the Alexandrian scholars were working on the reconstruction of old 40 Liu Yeqiu (1964: 16).

Finales P. copulativae P. , zhong ᷕ “in, among” tong ⎴ “with,” etc. ” ma ╶, ye ḇ 54 er 侴 “and,” but55 ruo 劍, ru ⤪ “like, as” Syntax is treated in a very small chapter in Prémare’s work. He lists rules which have to be observed when analyzing a sentence: 1. Locate the verb. 2. Locate the subject (subjectum). 3. Locate the object (regimen). A few more rules are listed concerning various unrelated subjects: 1. Adjectives precede substantives. 2. The comparative degree is expressed by bi 㭼 “comparison with” and yu グ “the more the .

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