An Aid to the MRCP PACES: Volume 1: Stations 1 and 3 by Robert E. J. Ryder, M. Afzal Mir, E. Anne Freeman

By Robert E. J. Ryder, M. Afzal Mir, E. Anne Freeman

This new version of An reduction to the MRCP Paces quantity 1: Stations 1 and 3 has been totally revised and up-to-date, and displays suggestions from PACES applicants as to which situations usually look in every one station.

The 1000s of circumstances were written in response to the most recent interpreting and staining schemes used for the examination and, including examination tricks, advice, workouts and medical checklists, offer a useful education and revision relief for all MRCP PACES candidates.

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Station 3 in Volume 1). Either way initial clues may be gained by first performing a brief 1 visual survey of the patient as a whole. Look at the head and face for signs such as enlargement (Paget’s disease), asymmetry (hemiparesis), exophthalmos with or without myxoedematous facies (pretibial myxoedema) or obvious nystagmus (cerebellar syndrome). Run your eyes over the patient for other significant signs such as thyroid acropachy (pretibial myxoedema), rheumatoid hands (swollen knee), nicotine-stained fingers (leg amputations), wasted hands (motor neurone disease, Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease, syringomyelia) and for muscle fasciculation (usually motor neurone disease).

Alcoholic liver disease) Examine this abdomen (jaundice, parotid swelling and palpable liver; hepato­ splenomegaly and ascites; hepatosplenomegaly and Dupuytren’s contracture) This patient has been referred from the cardiology clinic with sweats and a mass in the abdomen. Please examine (infective endocarditis) Please examine this gentleman’s abdominal system and comment on the findings (alcoholic liver disease) I was given some haematology results which were suggestive that the patient might have a spleen palpable.

Please examine his chest (thoracotomy) This lady is breathless. Please examine her chest (emphysema) This man has noisy breathing. Please examine his chest to find out why (upper airways obstruction) This man has developed a productive cough. Please examine his chest and suggest a cause (aspergillosis and old tuberculosis) Examine this patient’s respiratory system and comment on positive findings as you go (pulmonary fibrosis) This young man is breathless. Please examine his chest (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and α1-antitrypsin deficiency) This man has a cough.

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