Amino, Nitrosco and Nitro Compounds and Their Derivatives:

Chapter sixteen Nitro?activated carbon acids (pages 715–729): Edward S. Lewis
Chapter 17 Gas?phase basicity and acidity of amines (pages 731–762): D. ok. Bohme
Chapter 18 distinctive homes of di? and polyamines (pages 763–803): Roger W. Alder and Richard B. Sessions
Chapter 19 Alkyl nitrate nitrations (pages 805–848): Henry Feuer
Chapter 20 Aminals (pages 849–907): Lucette Duhamel
Chapter 21 Detection and backbone of nitro and nitroso compounds (pages 909–927): Y. Tapuhi and Eli Grushka
Chapter 22 Deaminations (carbon–nitrogen bond cleavages) (pages 929–997): Ronald J. Baumgarten and Veronica A. Curtis
Chapter 23 Chiroptical homes of amino, nitroso and nitro compounds (pages 999–1034): Howard E. Smith
Chapter 24 Thermochemistry of nitro compounds, amines and nitroso compounds (pages 1035–1083): Leslie Batt and Gillian N. Robinson
Chapter 25 Oxidation of amines (pages 1085–1149): David H. Rosenblatt and Elizabeth P. Burrows
Chapter 26 N?Nitrosamines and N?nitrosoimines (pages 1151–1223): Brian C. Challis and Judith A. Challis
Chapter 27 The function of Meisenheimer or ??complexes in nitroarene–base interactions (pages 1225–1260): E. Buncel
Chapter 28 makes use of of isotopically labelled amino, quaternary ammonium and nitro compounds (pages 1261–1312): Peter J. Smith and Kenneth C. Westaway

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Figures 12 and 13 show representative data obtained for the equilibrium (21). A fit to the decay of CH3NH- in Figure 1 2 provides a value CH3NH- + NH3 5 NH2- + CH$JH2 (211 D. K. Bohme 750 TABLE 6. 5 ‘Numbers in parentheses are predicted values. bReprinted with permission from R. Yamdagni and P. Kebarle, J . Amer. Chem. Soc.. 95, 3504 (1973). Copyright by the American Chemical Society. for K = k J k , while the ion ratio plot in Figure 13 provides a measure of K in terms of equilibrium concentrations.

4583 (1977). 60. K. D. Summerhays, S. K. Pollack, R. W. Taft and W. Hehrc, J. Amer. Chetn. , 99. 4585 (1977). 61. A. C. Hopkinson, N. K. Holbrook, K. Yates and I. G. Csizmadia, J . Clzem. , 49, 3596 (1968). 62. R. H. Staley, M. Taagcpera. W. G. Hendcrson, I. Koppcl, S. L. Beauchamp and R. W. Taft, J . Amer. Chern. Soc.. 99, 326 (1977). 63. D. H. Aue. H. M. Webb and M. T. J. Anzer. Chern. Soc.. 95, 2699 (1973). Supplement F The Chemistry of Amino, Nitroso and Nitro Compounds and their Derivatives Edited by Saul Patai Copyright 0 1982 by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

W. Rundle and H . I . Schiff, J . Chefti. , 59. 77 (1973). negative ions. Figure 4 presents the observations recorded for the deprotonation of NH3 by H-. 9 x lo-" cm3 molecule-'^-^. and the deprotonation of (CH&N by NH2- for which k < I x 10-l2 cm3 niolccule-'s-l. Otherwise the deprotonation reactions which have been observed occur with high efficiency at specific rates close to gas-kinetic. In all cases deprotonation proceeded exclusive of any other competing reaction channels. 741 17. Gas-phase basicity and acidity of amines 111.

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