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Even when badly injured, Harold fought until he was finally cut down. One of the most horrific instances of William’s vengeance took place at Alençon in 1052. After his failed surprise assault on the town, the defenders on the wall yelled down insults about his illegitimate birth and beat animal skins with sticks to mock the fact his grandfather was a tanner. Once he managed to break into the town, William captured 36 of the men and punished them by ordering for all of their feet and hands to be severed off.

Mention the 40,000 Arabic Birka in Sweden, Kaupang in community, and could coins and the 38,000 German Norway and Hedeby in Denmark last for well over coins also uncovered there. all grew to be prosperous and a week Nordic bowls, Mediterranean silk bustling trading settlements, and Baltic axe heads have even been with the inhabitants all working as discovered buried under English soil. craftsmen and merchants. Prosperous This vast and illustrious trade network trading routes also emerged along the British attracted a wealth of eager and talented artists Isles, with York and Dublin developing into major and craftsmen.

Mind when many are confronted with the word 34 When Vikings ruled the waves Vicious Vikings Meet Scandinavia’s most terrifying plunderers Erik the Red 951 – 1003 Infamous for: Being exiled from Iceland for murder. He went on to colonise Greenland Guthrum UNKNOWN – 890 Infamous for: Waging war against the king of the West Saxons – Alfred the great Ingvar the Far-Travelled UNKNOWN Infamous for: Pillaging the shores of the Caspian Sea Rodulf Haraldsson UNKNOWN – 873 Infamous for: Leading raids in Britain, France and Germany Ivar the Boneless UNKNOWN Infamous for: Invading AngloSaxon kingdoms of England using the Great Heathen Army 35 Wars, invasions & exploration Viking voyages As expert ship builders, the Vikings were able to voyage further and wider than any civilisation before… However, it was the determination and hardiness Centuries before Christopher Columbus would of the voyagers willing to take these risks that stumble upon the land now known as America, led the Vikings to valuable and exotic treasures the Vikings had claimed the Atlantic Ocean as Woollen sail and trade lying along the coastlines of the world.

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