Advancing Your Career: Concepts of Professional Nursing by Rose Kearney-nunnery

By Rose Kearney-nunnery

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Qxd 2/27/08 2:59 PM Page 17 Chapter 2 Coping with Returning to School and each course or semester completed as an accomplishment and progress toward the ultimate goal. No matter how well you have set your goals, made realistic plans, or chose appropriate actions, you will face occasional stress, frustration, discouragement, and low motivation. Achievement rarely occurs without challenge. During these times, it helps to recall your reasons for setting the goal and to review the potential benefits.

When are you best able to concentrate? When are you most energetic? Many people are most productive in the early morning, when the world is very quiet, the mind clear, and the body refreshed. ■ Avoid the marathon approach. Eight consecutive hours is a long time to focus on any one task, whether it is writing a paper or washing floors. The productivity level increases if activities are varied and performed in smaller blocks of time. ■ Allow for time spillovers. Try to plan time with leeway between activities, to accommodate meetings that run late, unexpected appointments, or simply losing track of time.

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