Adrift in the Noosphere by Damien Broderick

By Damien Broderick

In his Foreword, wealthy Horton says: "First cost stories...Time regarded as a sequence of Thermite Burns in No specific Order is a smart and intensely humorous time trip romp; The Beancounter's Cat is determined in a much destiny with Clarkean technological know-how sufficiently complicated to seem magical; Walls of Flesh, Bars of Bone (with Barbara Lamar) is one other examine the secret of human future; Under the Moons of Venus is a notable, evocative homage to at least one of SF's greats."

Well-known editor Gardner Dozois has acknowledged of The Beancounter's Cat that it "...starts out studying like fable, and progressively becomes very far-future SF."

Also incorporated is an unique story with Paul Di Filippo, Luminous Fish, taking Mike Moorcock's well-known personality Jerry Cornelius for a spin within the twenty first century! 9 scintillating technology fiction tales through an incredible author within the box.

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