A Universal History of Infamy by Norman Thomas Di Giovanni, Visit Amazon's Jorge Luis Borges

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Meltzer. Of these, Lee and Meltzer were future presidents of APS and Mall was a future president of the anatomists. Seven papers were presented at the two sessions: "The Excitability of the Different Columns of the Spinal Cord" and "The Rate of Transmission of Nerve Impulses," both by E. T. Reichert; "On Sensory Reinforcements of the Knee Jerk," by J. W. Warren; "On Changes in Ganglion Cells due to Stimulation," by H. H. Donaldson; "The Lethal Temperatures of the Cat's Heart," by H. Newell Martin; "Exhibition of a Specimen Showing the Anatomical Portion of Thermogenic Centers in the Brain," by 1.

Stewart, A. N. Richards, and Ida Hyde. The entire first volume consisted of thirtytwo papers in four issues and 522 pages and concluded with the publication of the proceedings (abstracts of papers) of the December 1897 APS Meeting. At first issues appeared every two months, but after July 1899, they appeared monthly. As with many journals, the period of time covered by a volume varied depending on how much material was received. Subscription was not by year but by volume at a cost of five dollars per volume, and even in 1898 there was material sufficient for more than one volume a year.

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