A study of history, Volume 9,Contacts between Civilizations by Arnold Joseph Toynbee, Royal Institute of International

By Arnold Joseph Toynbee, Royal Institute of International Affairs

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D. D. 886 in the names of the Emperors Basil I, Leo VI, and Alexander, notice was given that 'Our Imperial Majesty has totally (niivnj) rejected and scrapped the imbecilities promulgated by the Isaurians4 in defiance of the . Divine Dogma and to the undoing of the salutary laws'. The odium theologicum which the Macedonian Emperors here advertise as their motive for setting themselves the task of superseding their Syrian predecessors' legislation either partially or completely might perhaps not have been a sufficiently powerful motive in itself to nerve them for the formidable positive enterprise of resuscitating the Justinianean Law if they had not already found their hands being forced by the mounting pressure of practical needs arising from an increasing complication and sophistication of life in the body social of a then rapidly advancing Orthodox Christian Civilization.

5 In Western Christendom's sinister evocation of this formidable ghost of political parochialism from a defunct antecedent civilization's dead past, the graduates of the University of Bologna played parts comparable to those played in the evocation of ghosts of dead universal states by the 2 See p. 28, above. D. 1045 'may have possibly had some influence on the institution of the school at Bologna half a century later*. This is perhaps unlikely, considering the mutual that age. It is hostility of Western and Orthodox Christendom towards one another true that the Romagna, of which Bologna was the principal city, had been, as was attested by its name, the last fragment of Italy to pass out of the political jurisdiction of a Roman Imperial Government at Constantinople.

20, quoted already in VI. vii. 293, n. i). On the other hand 'the rectification in the direction of greater humanity* which 'the Covenant Code', like the Ecloga, introduced in its departures from the provisions of the latest code of an antecedent civilization largely consisted, in the earlier case as well as in the later, in the replacement of the death penalty by various forms of mutilation 'Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe* (Exod.

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