A New History of Leviathan: Essays on the Rise of the by Ronald Radosh, Murray N. Rothbard

By Ronald Radosh, Murray N. Rothbard

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Secretary of Commerce Redfield delivered the opening address of the Convention on the morning of May 27 and he served as toastmaster at its banquet that night; Secretary of State Bryan delivered the main after-dinner speech at the banquet; and Wilson the next day received the delegates at the White House for a short interview. As the Council later announced, the national importance of the Convention was attested by the fact that its purpose [to promote foreign trade and a coordinated national foreign trade policy based upon the cooperation of government and business] was cordially indorsed by the President of the United States, who received the delegates at the White House; by the Secretary of State, who delivered, at the banquet, an outline of the administration's policy toward American business abroad; and by the Secretary of Commerce, who opened the convention.

39 As a member of the Chamber of Commerce's special committee on trade commission legislation, Rublee played a leading role in the Chamber's campaign to authorize the Commission to investigate world trade conditions and make appropriate recommendations to Congress. Hurley was a prominent Illinois industrialist who had introduced the pneumatic tool industry to the United States, had been an active member and president of the Illinois Manufacturers Association, and, as an articulate advocate of economic expansion abroad, had played a leading role in the organization of the National Foreign Trade Council.

No. 1), Hearings on H. R. 11380, H. R. 11381, H. R. 15926, and H. R. , 2nd sess. , 1912), pp. 13-54 (Brandeis testified on January 26, 1912); and Brandeis, "The Solution of the Trust Problem," Harper's Weekly, LVIII, N o . 2968 (November 8, I 9 i 3 ) , p p . 18-19. 32 Memorandum on Unfair Competition at the Common Law (printed for office use only by the Federal Trade Commission, 1915), cited and discussed in Thomas C. , The Federal Trade Commission (New York: Columbia University Press, 1932), pp.

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