A History Of Modern Europe Since-1789 by V D Mahajan

By V D Mahajan

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17b. , f. 1911. [The reference is to the healing gifts of Jesus Christ]. , p. 230. • ZN, II, 93 and III. This story is already in Ghiyath ai-din Ali, d. Dnevnik, I, 110 sq. 7 AR, f. 1911. HAbru, MS. Ind. , f. 13a. Nothing is said of the places of entertainment in Samarqand and other towns nearer to Timur's residence. , p. 97. g. A. MillIer, Der Islam, II, 316. 9 Conversation about the faith with 'Ali Mu'ayyad, head of the Shi'a Sarbadars, in AR, f. 75a. 10 ZN, I, 577, and with more detail in the Mazandaran historian Ziihir ai-din, p.

P. 228. The term kichik khanum is also found in the Mu'izz al-ansab, f. 33. 3 ZN, I. 199. , 459. According to An. , f. 251a, Suyurghatmish d,ied in 786/ 1384, but out of respect for him Timur had the money struck in his name for three years longer. The coins of Suyurghatmish lead up to 789, those of Sultan-Mahmiid begin in 790. 5 ZN, II, 438. 8 ZN, 464. 1 Nizam al-din, f. nahu. In the corresponding passage, AR, f. 142a, does not mention the khan's death either. Further, f. 143b, he reports the arrival of Egyptian ambassadors in 1403 and mentions the reading of the khulba and the coining of the money in the name of Sultan Mahmud and Timur.

According to ]ami, Nafa/:lat, Or. , 321-323, the name Zayn aI-din Abu Bakr al-iKhwafi belonged to another shaykh who died on Sunday 2 Shawwal 838/ I May 1435. ~Il· '11'/· 3 Incidentally it may be gathered from this conversation that Timur had no previous acquaintance with the shaykh, whereas according to Timur's spurious autobiography he had received, at the age of twenty one, his Persian motto rasti-rasti, "salvation in rectitude", from Shaykh Zayn aI-din. 4 ZN, I, 314. 1 2 21 8 among the three spiritual patrons to whom he owed his success 1 (the two others being Shams al-din Kular and Sayyid Baraka), but in Timur's history the shaykh is no longer mentioned after 1381, although he lived for another eight years 2.

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