A History of Marxian Economics, 1883-1929 (Volume I) by M. C. Howard, J. E. King

By M. C. Howard, J. E. King

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Stiebeling's implicit assumption that individual prices and values are equal reveals a basic misunderstanding of the entire problem. His calculations for an equilibrium situation are true by definition: Stiebeling does not solve the transformation problem, he abolishes it. 36 37 IV Round 2: Wolf, Loria, Fireman and Letir Although seemingly unaware of Stiebeling's w o r k , Julius Wolf used very similar arguments. " Wolf was professor of economics at the University of Zurich, where he expounded the marginal utility theory of Cart Menger.

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Marx, Critique of Political Economy (London: Lawrence & Wisharl, 1971) p. 62. 13. K. Marx, Capital, vol. I (Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1966) p. l. 14. Ibid, p. 306. 15. )July 1892. (We are grateful to Dr G. ) 16. Engels to Schmidt, 12 September 1892, in K. Marx and F. Engels, Letters on •Capital' (London: New Park Publications, 1983) p. 271. 17. Ibid, Engels to Danielson, 15 October 1888, pp. 241-2. 18. On Lexis see M. ) Who's Who in Economics (Brighton: Wheatsheaf. 1983) p. 233.

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