A Critical Analysis of the Jhanas in Theravada Buddhist by Henepola Gunaratana

By Henepola Gunaratana

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Yad api bhikkhave thīna tad api nīvara a . Yad api middha tad api nīvara a . Thīnamiddhanīvara a ti iti hida uddesa āgacchati. Tad aminā peta pariyāyena dvaya hoti. Yad api bhikkhave uddhacca tad api nīvara a . Yad api kukkucca tad api nīvara a . Uddhacca kukkucca nīvara anti iti hida uddesa āgacchati. Tad aminā peta pariyāyena dvaya hoti. Yad api bhikkhave ajjhatta dhammesu vicikicchā tad api nīvara a . Yad api bahiddhā dhammesu vicikicchā tad api nīvara a . Vicikicchānīvara a ti iti hida uddesa āgacchati.

Tattha katama byāpādanīvara a ? ‘Anattha me akarī’ti āghāto jāyati. ‘Anattha me caratī’ti āghāto jāyati. ‘Anattha me carissatī’ti āghāto jāyati. ‘Piyassa me manāpassa anattha acarī’ti…, anattha caratī…, anattha carissatī’ ti āgāto jāyati. ‘Appiyassa me amanāpassa attha acari…, attha carati…, attha carissati’ti āghāto jāyati. A hāne vā pana āghāto jāyati. Yo evarūpo cittassa āghāto pa ighāto pa igha pa ivirodho, kopo, pakopo. , p. 232. 3. , p. 532. , p. 398. 45 Sloth and torpor (Thīnamiddha) As we saw, the Buddha explains sloth and torpor as a compound hindrance which can be regarded as twofold in terms of its components.

P. 532. “Ta pacchānutāpalakkha a , katākatānusocanarasa . , p. 398: 3. MN. 1:101. 4. , pp. 8, 260. 5. Psy. Ethics. p. 260. “Tattha katama vicikicchānīvara a ? , pp. 233-34. 48 wisdom in leading to the end of suffering. Doubt regarding the past, future, and both applies to past lives, future lives, and both. 1 It is evident from these definitions and descriptions that the species of doubt classed as a hindrance is skeptical indecision with respect to the fundamental tenets of Buddhist doctrine and practice.

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