50 Short Science Fiction Tales

You stopover at an international the place Robots pressure to recollect the lifestyles of the boys who created them; pay attention the tantalizingly short file of a guy who returns from a visit to the longer term; see the snake-armed factor that emerges from the minds of the folk who conjure it. You meet a keepsake hunter within the 30th Century and a schoolgirl who attempts to deal with the educating equipment of the Twenty-second Century. You proportion the phobia of an astronaut in a “haunted” house go well with and the quandary of a spouse whose husband is aware a typical chemical formulation for destroying the earth. in brief, you are feeling the influence, the originality, and the uncanny surroundings created through those technology fiction specialists now not once—but 50 times.

50 brief technology Fiction Tales were chosen for his or her concise writing, and for punch strains that go away the reader “surprised, surprised, and overjoyed on the ultimate sentence.” in line with the editors, one other vital element of this literary shape is “evocation of a heritage differing from our own.” therefore, even though a few of the tales are only a web page lengthy, the studying adventure is often excitingly unique.


* Ballade of a synthetic Satellite by means of Poul Anderson
* The enjoyable They Had by way of Isaac Asimov
* Men Are Different through Alan Bloch
* The Ambassadors via Anthony Boucher
* The Weapon via Fredric Brown
* Random Sample by means of T. P. Caravan
* Oscar by way of Cleve Cartmill
* The Mist via Peter Cartur (pseud. Peter Grainger)
* Teething Ring by means of James Causey
* The Haunted area Suit through Arthur C. Clarke
* Stair Trick by means of Mildred Clingerman
* Unwelcome Tenant via Roger Dee
* The Mathematicians by means of Arthur Feldman
* The 3rd Level by means of Jack Finney
* Beautiful, attractive, Beautiful! via Stuart Friedman
* The Figure through Edward Grendon
* The Rag Thing by way of David Grinnell (pseud. Donald A. Wollheim)
* The stable Provider by way of Marion Gross
* Columbus used to be a Dope by way of Robert A. Heinlein
* Texas Week by way of Albert Hernhuter
* Hilda through H. B. Hickey
* The Choice by means of Wayland Hilton-Young
* Not With a Bang through Damon Knight
* The Altar at Midnight through C. M. Kornbluth
* A undesirable Day for Sales through Fritz Leiber
* Who’s Cribbing? via Jack Lewis
* Spectator Sport through John D. MacDonald
* The Cricket Ball via Avro Manhattan
* Double-Take through Winston ok. Marks
* Prolog by means of John P. McKnight
* The to be had facts at the Worp Reaction by way of Lion Miller
* Narapoia by way of Alan Nelson
* Tiger through the Tail through Alan E. Nourse
* Counter Charm by means of Peter Phillips
* The Fly through Arthur Porges
* The company, as Usual through Mack Reynolds
* Two Weeks in August via Frank M. Robinson
* See? via Edward G. Robles, Jr.
* Appointment at Noon via Eric Frank Russell
* We Don’t wish Any Trouble through James H. Schmitz
* Built Down Logically through Howard Schoenfeld
* An Egg a Month from All Over through Idris Seabright (pseud. Margaret St. Clair)
* The excellent Woman through Robert Sheckley
* The Hunters by way of Walt Sheldon
* The Martian and the Magician by means of Evelyn E. Smith
* Barney through Will Stanton
* Talent through Theodore Sturgeon
* Project Hush through William Tenn
* The nice Judge via A. E. van Vogt
* Emergency Landing by way of Ralph Williams
* Obviously Suicide through S. Fowler Wright
* Six Haiku via Karen Anderson

Originally released 1963 by means of Collier Books.

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