360 SYSTEMS TCR4,8 Professional Production (music) Recorders

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Contact your dealer and the shipper immediately if you suspect any damage has occurred during shipping. Check the contents of the box to ensure that all parts are included. If any items are missing, contact your dealer immediately. After unpacking all equipment, please save the packing materials for future shipping convenience. Preparing Your Site When preparing to install your TCR system, attention should be given to Environmental, Power and Location requirements. Refer to Appendix C for mechanical and environmental specifications.

Chase Modes You can configure the behavior of chase operations using selections in the Machine Setup | Sync and Time Code menu. Chase What MENU | Machine Setup | Sync and Time Code | Chase What To synchronize the TCR to external LTC or VITC, select EXTERNALTIME CODE. To use the internal generator to place new recordings at times within the file corresponding to the time of day, select INTERNAL GENERATOR. Chase When MENU | Machine Setup | Sync and Time Code | Chase When The CHASE button may be configured to begin chasing whenever it is pressed, providing incoming time code is valid.

TCR Record Data Routing INPUTS REC DATA Digital Input 1-2 Digital Input 1-2 Digital Input 3-4 TRK 1-2 SRC Digital Input 5-6 Digital Input 7-8 Analog Input 1 ADC1-2 Analog Input 2 Analog Input 3 ADC3-4 Analog Input 4 Analog Input 5 ADC5-6 Analog Input 6 Analog Input 7 ADC7-8 Analog Input 8 Digital Input 3-4 TRK 3-4 Digital Input 5-6 TRK 5-6 Digital Input 7-8 TRK 7-8 ADC 1-2 ADC 3-4 ADC 5-6 ADC 7-8 Track Arming Eight numbered track ARM buttons are provided on the TCR8 — four on the TCR4. When lit RED, the selected track(s) are armed for recording.

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